ZeeVee ZVPRO -280

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Works with any HD video source — simply connect any computer, DVD player, set top box or any other device with an HD video output to ZvPro 250 and your new HDTV channel pours out onto the COAX wiring.
Multiple channels — combine ZvPro boxes to deliver up to 135 HD channels simultaneously over simple to deploy COAX cabling.
Nothing needed at each HDTV - off-the-shelf HDTVs include the QAM tuner needed to tune to your Zv channels.
No matrix switchers or proprietary wiring required — switching between multiple ZvPro 250s is as easy as tuning to a new HDTV channel.
COAX wiring — easily integrate and balance into new or existing MATV/SMATV RF distribution systems to add an HD Tier of Video Feeds.
Practically unlimited expansion — add new channels in the future.
Shared resource — merge new channels together with existing off-site cable feeds.