Xantech 791-44  PS12-1.25

Xantech 791-44 PS12-1.25

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Xantech 079144 POWER SUPPLY
The 791-44 is an amplified connecting block that permits any combination of up to ten single or dual IR emitters, driven directly, at high or low output levels. Expandable to 100 emitter ports. Requires either the 781ERGPS or 782ERGPS Power Supply.

Emitter ports with jumpers permit high or low power
High-speed opto-isolator for improved operation
Parallel emitter ports drive ten single or ten dual emitters
Contains red LED input signal Test-IR
Up to nine 079000s can be connected to the 079144 if more than ten emitter ports are needed
STATUS terminal for connection of Xantech IR Receivers and Keypads that have status indicator LEDs
Quick connect stereo mini jack for Xantech IR Receivers that use a stereo mini plug