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Servoreel SRL-20

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The Servoreelers SRL series solves the problem of dangling microphones in any venue of any size, from a small meeting room to an auditorium or concert hall. Using your favorite control system or switch plate accessories provided by Servoreelers, the SRL can deploy and retract a microphone from above.

Servoreelers permit smooth deployment and retraction without the use of contacts or slip rings thus eliminating any potential for noise contamination.
Quiet mechanical operation: The servo-motor is shock mounted to assure low acoustic coupling.
Power-Off cable control: This prevents internal cable spillage should the cable be pulled when the power is off.
Automatic end of reel retract (2 or 3 turns) and stop: Maintains ability to re-start by pull command.
Can operate in any orientation: Normal cable feed is with the Servoreeler vertical; horizontal operation is optional.
High quality microphone cable: 2mm, 2 conductor, satin black, very compliant, shielded and Kevlar reinforced.