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2-Channel Power Amplifier, 750W at 4 Ohm
The compact PLX2502 two-channel 2500W power amplifier is for users who need to drive up to four loudspeakers from each amplifier channel (2 O loading), or when extremely high power bridge mono operation is required. Features built-in subwoofer processing, filter switches and front panel indications of bridge mono status. A solid, cast-aluminum front panel adds professional style to any rack while also acting as an integral I-beam, rigidly tying the chassis together for years of on-the-road reliability. PowerLight switchmode technology replaces a large, heavy AC transformer with a highly efficient and lighter-weight active design. Conventional AC transformers provide 60 energy pulses per second. The PowerLight supply delivers 100,000 pulses per second. More pulses make it easier to provide on-demand power for the amplifier’s output section. The power supply doesn’t “sag” so bass notes stay full and powerful while the high end remains crisp and clean. PLX2 audio power circuitry achieves performance normally associated with studio reference amplifiers. In order to reduce crossover distortion, precision bias tracking makes minute adjustments as amplifier temperature changes. The benefit is cleaner high-frequency and more consistent sound no matter how hard the amplifier is driven. The higher power models use QSC exclusive class H output circuitry, a form of audio “turbocharging” that increases maximum power without affecting the basic audio quality.