ATA Custom Case Designed To Fit Yamaha QL5 Digital Mixer.

Yamaha-CA Stagepas 600BT

680W Portable PA with Reverb-equipped 10-channel Mixer, Two speakers with 10-Inch LF 1.4-Inch HF drivers, and Built-in Stand Mounts.

Yamaha-CA BR15 USED

Used Yamaha BR15 2 way passive speaker

Yamaha-CA BR12M

12 2 Way Monitor Loudspeaker System The BR series speakers provide dual phone jacks for input and parallel connection.

Yamaha-CA MG10

D-PRE discrete Class-A mic preamps deliver clean and natural sound One-knob compressors provide easy-to-use dynamics control EQ and highpass filters allow for effective sound-shaping High quality op-amp ensures transparent sound reproduction

Yamaha-CA MG06X

The MG06X is the six-channel version of the series, with two mono XLR and 1/4″ hybrid inputs along with two stereo line inputs. The MG06X boasts an intuitive interface with capacities suitable for a diverse range of users and applications. The board also features post fx.

Yamaha-CA DXR10 -YD655B00

Replacement Speaker /woofer for DXR10 cabinet

Yamaha-CA HS8S

Yamaha HS8S 8″ Powered Studio Subwoofer 150W Powered Studio Subwoofer with 8″ Speaker, Balanced XLR Inputs and Outputs, Balanced TRS Inputs, Low Cut, Phase, and Level Controls

Yamaha-CA QL5

32 faders 2 Master faders. 32 onboard Mic/Line analog inputs, 16 analog outputs. 64 mono 8 stereo mixable channels.

Yamaha-CA CL-1

56-Input, 8-Output, Dante-Enabled Digital Mixer

Yamaha-CA LS9-32

Digital 48kHz mixing console. 64 Mono 4 Stereo inputs. 32 onboard Mic Preamps, Stereo Mono/LCR, 16 Mix 8 Matrix. 16 Omni outputs, 2 MY-card slot. 4 Stereo Effect Processo4/8 GEQ. MP3 Playback/Record, USB storage, Color LCD Display, Scene Recall.

Yamaha-CA Rio3224-D

32-Input, 16-Output, Dante-Enabled Digital Audio Interface.

Yamaha-CA LS9-16

48kHz Mixing Console with 16 Channels.

Yamaha-CA RIO1608-D2

16-Input, 8-Output, Dante-Enabled Digital Audio Interface

Yamaha-CA T5N

Power amplifier ideal touring amplifiers with reliable 2-Ohm drive capability for line arrays.

Yamaha-CA T4N

1150W x 2 LozZ Tourning Amplifier

Yamaha-CA TF3

24-input TF Series Digital Mixer with 48 Mixing Channels, 25 Motorized Faders, 20 Aux Buses, 8 DCA Groups with Roll-out, 1-knob Compression/EQ, and TouchFlow Operation

Yamaha-CA TF1

Compact digital mixer.16 Analog inputs, 16 analog outputs.

Yamaha-CA Ri8-D

8-Input, Dante-Enabled Digital Audio Interface

Yamaha-CA IS1218

Yamaha’s new Installation Series Speakers address a number of important issues that give them unprecedented performance and handling characteristics for live sound applications, including permanent installations. In particular, phase characteristics have been kept smooth and consistent throughout the entire series, so you can mix and match speakers to suit any system and venue without ending […]